KHP Marketing addresses the entire spectrum of a Chief Sales Officer's agenda—from strategy to operations. We offer in-depth analytics and creativity combined with deep-rooted industry and customer expertise. We bring to bear our latest "future of sales" research and additional expertise from colleagues in our Strategy practice, Consumer Insights think tank, and our Global Business Policy Council. Our working style is collaborative and motivational, and all engagements are designed as transformations in which Chief Sales Officers and their teams drive short-term, tangible results that are sustainable over time. All of our offerings are tailored to each client's unique challenges and focused on delivering an immediate impact and sustainable, long-term competitive advantage.
It is possible to increase revenues substantially within one year without diluting margins, and doing so with your current portfolio and innovation pipeline. We use our "accelerate" approach to systematically exploit all short-term growth options while simultaneously mobilizing the entire organization. We have helped numerous companies across industries overcome years of sales stagnation and even shrinkage to quickly turn around and boost top-line performance. Investors achieve similar results, increasing growth rates in their portfolio companies—moving from solid performance to outperforming competitors and creating substantial value.

The accelerate approach has four core principles: perform rigid performance and opportunity analysis, remove growth barriers, identify and execute powerful sales push and counter-sourcing initiatives, and launch change management to alter behaviors throughout the organization.
In this way, we get market traction quickly and lay the groundwork for future growth.
Sales Force Excellence—Transformation for Growing Advantage
True sales excellence goes beyond being efficient and selling more products and services than competitors. Sales excellence means creating a difference in the market place and achieving profound business success. We work with leading sales organizations worldwide, helping them meet their most ambitious goals, while also framing new conditions and capturing new opportunities based on future trends in markets, customers, products, and technologies. Our sales excellence work is deeply rooted in our strengths, both in operations and change management. We help our clients develop differentiated sales set-ups based on leveraging customer and business intelligence, applying (micro) segmentation strategies, determining customer potential, changing customer interaction modes, slashing complexity, and improving selling ease while boosting agility and speed.

In our work in both the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) arenas we go beyond identifying best practices and developing optimization programs to fundamentally transform the larger sales organization. By including HR and change management in our sales offering, we deliver maximum results to our clients. Channel Strategies for Sustainable, Profitable Growth
The Chief Sales Officer is responsible for defining the right sales channels, addressing the right customer segments, and ensuring growth. We work collaboratively with our clients to define the future role of the larger sales organization—moving beyond a pure sales focus to also develop new markets and manage an extended network of partnerships. We address the main questions most companies have in gaining maximum value from their sales organizations:
How to create sales-based differentiation?
How to set-up and manage sales globally, including realizing cross-country synergies while being specific at the same time? How to manage a wide range of sales channels in an integrated way, including multi-stage direct and indirect sales in online and offline channels? How to handle diverging offerings and customer portfolios? When to focus on cross-divisional sales and when not to? How to capture more cross-selling opportunities? How to define sales channels so the new product development pipeline is constantly fed with ideas and customer feedback?
Recipe for Sales Success
KHP Marketing has extensive experience working with companies to improve sales. We help our clients define the right sales strategies within the context of changing markets, customers, products, and technologies, while always keeping in mind the unique requirements of each organization.