KHP Marketing Consultancy company’s goal is to meet the ever changing needs of the financial, legal, public and private sectors in a manner which embodies confidence ... the kind of confidence our services render and that our current client base enjoys.
KHP Marketing Consultancy are empowered with in depth knowledge of the real estate services and real estate market and thus can provide you effective guidance in terms of investments. Moreover, they offer value added service with proper market analysis, surveys and sales statistics. People centric services are based on the policies of honesty and integrity with timely reporting. The core aim of the KHP Marketing Consultancy in uae is to conduct the real estate transactions in a transparent and candid way which always helps to develop long-term association with our clients and property owners. The consultancy can also help managing the KHP Marketing Consultancy portfolio like corporate leasing, retail leasing, investment advisory, residential leasing and Interiors. KHP Marketing Consultancy enables the client to make the best possible , more informed real estate decision.

In recent months, the residential real estate segment has witnessed a revival in demand, primarily due to improved affordability. Several players have launched new projects in the affordable housing sub-segment, which has received an encouraging response.
Further, upcoming industrial clusters, improved infrastructure and growing availability of land for development in emerging tier II and tier III cities are also expected to fuel growth in the real estate sector KHP Marketing Consultancy also includes Appraisals for residential properties, Commercial Property Appraisals, Industrial Property Appraisals. An accurate understanding of the local real estate market is key to the success of a company both when financing new developments and managing existing real estate portfolios.

Specific Real Estate Consultancy services include:

Our Property Management team is designed to provide the best solutions to all your property management and maintenance needs, at the best possible cost of service, while simultaneously improving the long-term value of the property.
We manage every aspect of the processes, systems and manpower required to administer the life cycle of the property under management and this can include Control, Accountability, Maintenance, Utilization and disposition.