Today’s chief marketing officer (CMO) must master a role that has changed dramatically in the past decade—one that combines the perspective of a strategist with hands-on mastery of a constantly evolving set of sales and communication channels. As an advocate for the customer and defender of the company’s brand, marketing helps orchestrate activities that are central to the organization—often functioning as a digital change agent, exploring new market opportunities and providing guidance to others in the organization about how to connect with customers in the digital world. KHP Marketing helps marketing professionals contribute to their organization’s financial performance with leading-edge market strategies and operational excellence. Our Marketing offering is based on five distinct levers:
Customer segmentation: Whether discussing markets, market segments, or micro segments, all involve dividing a broad target market into consistent subsets of consumers with common needs, identifying their potential, and determining the right way to approach them. Our analytics teams, proven customer segmentation methodologies, and leading-edge tools and techniques help marketing executives determine what products, services, and interaction tools will be most appealing and relevant to each customer subset.

Brand management: Brands are the quintessential intangible asset, yet they are possibly the most important asset a company has. Understanding what really drives brand equity is vital to performing all brand management activities. Using a unique combination of state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative measurement techniques, we help companies achieve superior results by pushing brands and their impact into the realm of the tangible.
Marketing investment optimization: Companies spend significant sums on marketing—both above-the-line (media, agencies, advertising production) and below-the-line (trade incentives, promotions, and trade fixtures). We help our clients sharpen and optimize their marketing expenditures using leading-edge practices and tools focused on planning, buying, and steering smart marketing investments.

Digital marketing and customer experience: Our digital transformation methodology helps companies radically transform the customer experience by revamping and orchestrating all functions that involve interacting with customers in an integrated multi-channel system.
New product development: Our global Innovation Practice conducts annual research on innovation and excellence in new product development, culminating in the annual Best Innovator Competition that honors leaders in innovation management. A key outcome of our research is a deep understanding of all the elements that contribute to a successful new product development process. Our innovation offering comprises a full range of services, from quick diagnostics and innovation strategy development to full-blown NPD stage-gate programs