Corporate Lending departments works with businesses to create specifically designed corporate loans to grow operations or provide financing for acquisitions and buy outs. These loans are varied in form from asset-based lending, structured finance, or cash flow corporate lending along with other financial services.
You need to be smart and competitive in today’s volatile markets. And when undertaking major investments and other transactions, your institution may require some extra financial backing, fast. As a highly reputable corporate lender, KHP Marketing has the lending mechanisms and expertise you need to quickly realize those transactions.
KHP Marketing has a general lending product for your institution’s financing needs, which we can tailor to the size and scope of your operations. We specialize in providing lending solutions for financial institutions, as well as for commercial, development, investment or central banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and pension funds. Our main lending products include: term loans, revolving credits and overdrafts.

So, whether it’s for trade finance, working capital, acquisition finance or financing to bridge a cash flow gap, we have a proven lending solution for you. KHP Marketing ’s dedicated relationship managers work closely with industry and product specialists to create a financial solution that is personalized to your business needs and ambitions. Dedicated global teams of highly-skilled relationship managers and lending specialists A vast international presence and network.
Well-established range of lending products, including term loans, revolving credits and overdrafts.
Specialized lending solutions for all client groups, including financial institutions and large corporate.

There Are Two Type Capital

KHP Marketing Consultancy Ltd specializes in investing between 2million dhirams and 10million dhirams in small- and medium-sized companies that are looking to grow. We do not waste time as we understand the needs of your business, so we make fast decisions and offer more flexibility than a bank or private-equity investor.We invest a combination of flexible debt (five-year, interest-only loans) and equity (we take a minority stake in the company, with a board seat).

Our Specialist Lending team typically provides funding to lenders that provide financing to consumers and small- and medium-sized companies.Specialist lending is a growth sector. And with our creative approach, it’s one where we’re able to respond nimbly, with bespoke alternative financing.We can lend from as little as 2million dhirams to more than 150million dhirams, across the debt-capital structure (whether senior, mezzanine or unitranche). One of the biggest challenges for many alternative lenders is finding a funder that can provide ongoing finance as they expand.