Why Choose KHP Marketing Consultancy?

Our customers are the most important for us. We are working for you all the time, we listening your suggestions and we do everything to make your business easier and more friendly.

Khp marketing Consultancy
Our Services

We help business services companies craft winning strategies, design effective organizations, and create efficient operations capabilities in B2B sales and marketing.

Growth Strategy

We help clients with identifying, assessing and prioritizing sustainable growth opportunities to increase overall profitability and stakeholder values by recommending most feasible and profitable way of growth such as,
>> Developing new product within category
>> Expanding into new geographic markets
>> Increase market share in existing markets
>> Adding new product outside category

Raising Implementation

We raise the implementation bar by diagnosis of barriers for business performance and business health through the Interlink Performance and by improving operational efficiency. We also help in stream lining, aligning Sales & Marketing processes, developing compensation plans, aligning production, and planning and helping to ease out existing gaps in execution

Strategic Planning and Direction

Marketing grown clients suddenly experience stagnancy and multiple competitive challenges. In this case, we assess them in strategic planning and provide a focus to improve business performance and business health.

Feasibility, Viability, Validation & Strategy

We provide feasibility, viability, validation and strategy analysis for new concepts, new divisions, new business launch with systems, processes and milestones. We look at the regulatory, manufacturing, importing along with other labor laws of the country. We also look at social, political, technological issues of the country. On the basis of this analysis, we develop business launch plans with systems, processes and milestones for them to perform. We also assist existing companies in UAE in the same fashion for new divisions or business units.

We help clients in identifying, diagnosing and solving critical marketing problems that might be of declining sales or profits, not achieving expected sales growth, losing market share, ineffective marketing performance and other issues related to branding, distribution, promotion, competition etc. We adopt holistic approach for any critical problems. We do structured analysis to find root causes of such problems and build effective solutions.

Whenever clients are not satisfied with their marketing performance and/or not getting the expected results with their current marketing strategies and plan, we help them to improve marketing performance by conducting systematic and independent marketing audit. We analyze their current situation to identify problematic areas and recommend the courses of action to be taken to make entire marketing system and functions more effective and result oriented.

We help clients in achieving their business and marketing objectives such as sales growth & profitability, increase market share, expanding in to new market, new product development, gaining competitive advantage, branding, customer satisfaction, marketing excellence etc. We help client in developing vision of the future, setting realistic goals, developing strategy and assisting in implementing changes keeping focus on results..